Presented by:

Dan Čermák

from SUSE

Dan joined SUSE to work on development tools as part of the developer engagement program, after working on embedded devices. He is an active open source contributor being involved in various upstream projects and a package maintainer in downstream Linux distributions, like openSUSE and Fedora. Beside testing and cryptography his passions include automating everything, documentation and software design.

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BCI (Base Container Images) is a set of open-source container images that developers and operators can use as a foundation for containerizing applications.

BCIs cover a wide range of use cases and scenarios compared to traditional enterprise distribution images. We had to take a different approach to testing and delivery to cover all these new use cases.

In this session we briefly cover the history of the Base Container Images and the tooling that we created in the process. This includes our Dockerfile generator, the BCI test suite, and the pytest_container plugin. We also take a look how we moved the development from our internal build service to the public Open Build Service and then to Github.

2023 May 27 - 10:00
30 min
Open Source

Happening at the same time:

  1. Implementing own execution and state modules in SALT
  2. Start Time:
    2023 May 27 09:30