Presented by:

Patrick Fitzgerald

from Required Magic Limited

Patrick's original background was in the film industry, were he worked for 8 years as a Special Effects technician. But since he started programming at age 14, he's overlaid that with 30+ Years in technology, with at least 15+ years with working with Linux.

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** Required Magic's Carpet: How we designed a mass deployment system for Linux. **

In 2014 we started working with a major Irish bank to help them with a project to upgrade 7,500 Linux workstations across all of their branches. Over the next two years we completed that task - not just once - but on a weekly basis, across 900 locations - with just two people, and zero site visits.

Our discoveries of their systems and techniques led us to build "Carpet" (formally known as "Snoopea"), a tool to rapidly roll out - and maintain - Linux systems across a wide area network.

The systems don't have to be desktop based either - so long as the devices are network connected, Carpet can deploy IOT, Server and virtual machines too.

This high level talk is an overview of the the journey to take the original CLI based system to a modern, web based tool - including how we used Kiwi (and image builder), and Nuitka (a python compiler) to build certain components.

We'll start from the beginning for those that missed the first part in 2019!

2022 June 2 - 10:30
40 min
Open Source

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