Presented by:

Ignaz Forster

from SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH

Has been working on Linux distributions for the last 14 years. Joined SUSE in 2018 as a Research Engineer to bring openSUSE to places where no distribution has gone before (or so they say). That currently means working on transactional-update, Ignition, IMA/EVM and openSUSE MicroOS related topics.

transactional-update is the openSUSE way of a Transactional Operating System update and a core component of openSUSE MicroOS / Kubic and SLE Micro, making sure updates can be applied safely without affecting the currently running system. It's also supposed to play an important component in the future ALP.

At lot of things have changed internally since the last talk at oSC19: The core functionality has been rewritten in C++ (formerly Bash), including a C++ and C API and a D-Bus interface. From a user's perspective the transactional-update command line interface still looks the same, but we now have Cockpit and dnf integration.

This talk will

  • give a short overview of transactional-update for those new to the concept.
  • introduce tukit, the command line interface for the API functionality.
  • present the new Cockpit interface for transactional-update.
  • present the dnf integration.
  • give an overview over other changes (SELinux support, Kernel Live Patching).
  • and we should also have some minutes left for questions and discussions.

2022 June 4 - 10:00
25 min

Happening at the same time:

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  2. Start Time:
    2022 June 4 10:00

    Seminarraum 1