Presented by:

Simon Lees

from SUSE Linux

I am a Software Engineer based in Australia, I have been working on openSUSE for 6 years maintaining the Enlightenment desktop and several other packages, I have also been active in the community both on IRC and mailing lists, in more recent times I have also become a member of the package review team. I have spent the last year working at SUSE as a packager and outside of this have interests in topics such as desktop design as well as robotics and electronics.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

A New Way to Create Enlightenment Themes.

Enlightenment Themes are very large and complex, this makes them immensely flexible but also means the amount of effort to create a new Theme is huge. To try and find some middle ground here I have been working on a new theme engine that is much less flexible but means you can create a new theme just by changing images and a couple of files. One of the first examples of this is the new default theme for openSUSE Leap 15.4.

In this talk I'll walk through the process of making a new theme with this engine as well as showing a few examples. I'll also show you how to make GTK and KDE apps play nicely together.

But because everyone is not interested in Enlightenment i'll spend a fair section of time explaining how gtk and kde themes work and how you can or can't easily make your own versions of them.

2022 June 2 - 10:00
25 min
Open Source