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from SUSE
  • born in March 1961
  • studied computer science from 1980-1984
  • worked in IT as a
    • Software Developer
    • Hardware test engineer
    • Responsible Manager for Linux on the desktop for 17 years at Fujitsu
    • Senior QE automation engineer (current role)
  • Interests:
    • Open Source
    • Personal Productivity (GTD)
    • Music (Piano, Guitar, Bass)
    • Book lover
  • Instructor on Udemy
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Org mode is an extension to the Emacs text editor. The talk will introduce a trusted system to manage your daily life and keep track of all the stuff that matters to you.

The mein difference to other personal productivity apps is:

  • You have control over your files.
  • Files are in plain text, you can even read them without org mode.
  • The application is Open Source, so no risk that is discontinued because the business plan didnt work.
  • The user can customize it for his own needs and is not forced to adapt to the needs of a tool.

About me: Software Engineer, 25+ years on Linux, using Org mode daily for at least 12 years now.

2022 June 4 - 13:30
40 min
Open Source

Happening at the same time:

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  2. Start Time:
    2022 June 4 13:30

    Seminarraum 1