Presented by:

Alexander Herzig

from SUSE

I am working as a Release Manager for SUSE. In the past I have worked on the SUSE Container as a Service Platform, SLES and SLE BCI. Further I am much involved in enhancing internal engineering processes.

The SLE Base Container Images (BCI) want to create a flexible developer experience that provides, integrates with, and supports language native tools and workflows by offering a self-contained environment targeting a specific version of any given programming language ecosystem to facilitate software development, testing and deployment.​ These images are meant to run on any Linux and K8s distributions, are freely redistributable and come with a pre-configured repository offering the same enterprise grade packages shipped by SUSE flagship product SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The freely available repository offers a lighter set of packages carefully cherry-picked from the official SLES repositories, however it is possible to push an already purchased SLES subscription to these images hence having access to the full universe of packages available.

2022 June 2 - 13:30
40 min
Cloud and Containers

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