Presented by:

Ignaz Forster

from SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH

Has been working on Linux distributions for the last 14 years. Joined SUSE in 2018 as a Research Engineer to bring openSUSE to places where no distribution has gone before (or so they say). That currently means working on transactional-update, Ignition, IMA/EVM and openSUSE MicroOS related topics.

You may have heard about transactional updates already - that thing that will force you to reboot your system just like on Windows. Well, it still does, but it also provides a huge benefit compared to your regular updates: It won't break your currently running system.

transactional-update is the default update mechanism on openSUSE Kubic and when using the "Transactional Server" role in openSUSE Leap or Tumbleweed. This talk is intended for both existing users and newcomers and will feature the following contents:

  • Give an overview of the design
  • Highlight the most important changes since last year, including the all-new /etc handling
  • Give a general overview of the file system layout

2019 May 25 - 12:00
15 min
Saal (Main Hall)

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