Presented by:

Patrick Fitzgerald

from Required Magic Limited

Patrick's original background was in the film industry, were he worked for 8 years as a Special Effects technician. But since he started programming at age 14, he's overlaid that with 30+ Years in technology, with at least 15+ years with working with Linux.

Our business was somewhat dependent on Suse Studio's REST API to build customised VM images for part of our application solution.With the shuttering of that service we were left with no clear way to build these images.

With the 'Next Generation' releases of Kiwi - now rewritten in Python, however, we have been able to integrate it into the our customer on-boarding process - based on a Django workflow - so that our customers receive the latest stable build of the VM every time.

This enables our customers to get up to speed faster using our solution.

This talk will explain our methodology and our reasoning that we followed to achieve our goal.

2019 May 25 - 11:00
45 min
Embedded Systems
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