Presented by:

Daniel Maslowski


Left school, had a job for 2 years, went to France for 6 months, studied IT security for 3 years while working here and there, switched to computer science and finally got things going. Always into UNIXoids ever since the first couple of months at university. Got rid of Windows. Moved a number of times around Ruhr Valley. Attended quite some events, including barcamps, open source software conferences, and some CCC events. Much into natural languages. Finished quite some courses on Coursera. Web developer, frontend and backend, and now in part infrastructure developer and system administrator. Writing code for caffeine. Contributing to OS distros. Enjoying the internet, social networking and the sight of beauty all over the world. Doing some exhaustive sports. Mostly working through the night. Running whatever stuff on whichever devices. Started hacking on firmware at some point.


Firmware is found in all computing devices, including PCs, laptops, networking equipment, printers, embedded devices such as IoT and industrial controllers, mobile phones, tablets, and more. The community around open source firmware has grown over the last years, allowing for more exchange in the development and granting freedom to end users. Prominent projects like U-Boot, Tianocore, coreboot and others teach how firmware works and welcome contributions. This talk provides a brief introduction into firmware, an overview of the general build process, a perception of the current state of development on two platforms, an end user report, and a summary of the first Open Source Firmware Conference, which was supported by the openSUSE project.

2019 May 25 - 14:00
45 min
Open Source

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