Presented by:

Oliver Kurz

from SUSE

Since 2015-11 working at SUSE as a Senior QA Engineer. I am currently the Product Owner for the SUSE QE Tools Team. Our main product that we develop is openQA, a software for system level test automation, mainly used for Linux distribution system testing, for example for both SLE as well as openSUSE. Interested in software development, system development, GNU/Linux, open source, agile project management and structured testing.

How is software within the openSUSE ecosystem tested? What kind of tests exist? Who is doing what?

This talk will try to present an overview of how "testing" is done for software developed in the openSUSE ecosystem. The workflow of software contributions to the openSUSE distributions will be shown from testing perspective from upstream source code repos to feedback from users in the released products. Used tools will be mentioned, the testing approaches as well as the people involved. The relation to SLE testing will be described. As this "overview" will not be able to cover all approaches used by the community feedback by the audience in the Q&A part of the talk will be appreciated. Of course, openQA will be included but it is certainly not the only solution to be mentioned ;)

Slides are available on

2019 May 25 - 15:30
30 min
Saal (Main Hall)

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