Presented by:

Alberto Planas

from SUSE

SUSE employee and member of openSUSE Team since 2012.

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When we want to install openSUSE in out laptop we will use YaST. It will take care of all the details required for a correct partitioning, bootloader installation, time zone selection, network configuration, software selection, etc, etc. But when we want to install 100 nodes in our cloud, each one with a different hardware profile and a different role in our infrastructure, we need something different.

AutoYaST can help with this, but there are some limitations, as we need to provide XMLs adjusted for those hardware profiles and roles, and we need a different tool to orchestrate those multiple installations. Can be done, but we can do better.

SaltStack is a tool used to manage configuration and provisioning of machines, and we propose use this tool to drive the installation of openSUSE for big deployments. I want to show a WIP installer based on Salt, that can be naturally integrated in any other Salt-based solution, and I would like to talk about the ways that we can improve it in the future.

2019 May 25 - 15:00
45 min

Happening at the same time:

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    2019 May 25 13:00

    Seminarraum 2

  3. openSUSE Leap 15.x Kernels: Status Quo
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    2019 May 25 15:00

    Saal (Main Hall)

  5. Hands-on with YubiKeys
  6. Start Time:
    2019 May 25 15:00

    Seminarraum 1

  7. openSUSE testing - an overview
  8. Start Time:
    2019 May 25 15:30

    Saal (Main Hall)