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Elio Qoshi

from Mozilla

Elio Qoshi is founder of Ura Design and Identihub specializing in visual design catered to open source. His daily job and passion is working as a Creative Lead at OONI, a global observation network for detecting censorship on the internet. Furthermore, Elio is a Mozilla Tech Speaker & Reps Council Member. He is a member at Open Labs Albania and a contributing author at SitePoint since 2014. He has been co-organizing Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL) for the past 4 editions. Currently Elio is finishing his Bachelor studies in Multimedia Arts while in his free time he loves cycling and playing Video Games.

SVG is magical when you think about it. It's one of the few formats both developers and designers can interact with. With the rise of SVG compatibility on the web, the format has enjoyed various new use cases with the HTML5 specification. Could it be used as a common file format both designers and developers can collaborate together? As SVG is basically just lines of code, shouldn't designers benefit from this vizualised version control without going through the painful git learning process? SVG could be the meeting point for version control powered by git, both suitable for developers but also designers. Let's talk about how this could look like with Free Open Source Software like Identihub, a potential frontend for version controlling visual assets in the future.

2018 May 25 - 10:00
15 min
107 (Small)
Open Source

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