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from SUSE employee, K4CG member

I am currently working as QA engineer at SUSE. Before joining SUSE, I have been working as a full-stack web developer with DevOps tendencies. I have fascination about Linux containers.

This talks is split in three topics:

  1. openSUSE is not SUSE, it is her sister. There are still too much people outside of open/SUSE world that still confuse the difference and the options they have. This usually leads them to use the wrong distribution for their use cases and thinking that "SUSE" is not working for them. I will describe the current distribution palette and their respective key values and the difference from the SUSE company and openSUSE community.

  2. Why should I use openSUSE? I will describe which features from openSUSE make it ideal for which use case. A brief description of what I personally name the gold triangle of openSUSE is mandatory (OBS, openQA, Yast).

  3. How to contribute to openSUSE I will describe the workflow to contribute to openSUSE, new packages and maintenance, and how OBS and openQA are involved.

2018 May 25 - 10:00
15 min
155 (Medium)

Happening at the same time:

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    2018 May 25 10:00

    107 (Small)

  3. Booths and Retro Gaming in the Main Lobby
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    2018 May 25 10:00

    Main Lobby (open space)

  5. Repository priorities for the real world user
  6. Start Time:
    2018 May 25 10:00

    105 (Main)