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Markus Feilner

from Team Lead SUSE Doc Team

Markus Feilner is a seasoned Linux expert from Regensburg, Germany. He has been working with free and open source software since 1994, as a trainer, consultant, author and journalist. The Conch diplomat, Minister of the Universal Life Church, Jedi Knight and owner of lunar property is currently works as Team Lead of the SUSE Documentation Team in N├╝rnberg. He is constantly publishing for a variety of international magazines. You can find his profile here:

I assume this will be the last talk I ever give, because after this every one, every single distribution's community will be out to kill me. Ladies and Gentlemen, bring your hatchets!

I have collected quotes, sentences and assumptions that speak for themselves. While I am only showing one sentence each slide, the audience will have to guess the distribution that is meant. Be prepared to discuss: Who is the "Microsoft of open source?" Who thinks they own open source? Who was bought twice, while both buyers don't exist anymore? Who has hired a Gentoo guy as head of package management? Who is still compiling Libre Office and can't open a document therefore? What's that distribution with three, four, five names, constantly changeing? Add your own, this Lightning talk is open source, and a call for your ideas and discussion.

2016 June 23 - 15:15
15 min
Community & Project

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