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I am a member of openSUSE Japanese user group. I was openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 local committee and 2018 global committee. I introduced Portus in Japanese Open Source Conference Tokyo 2018 spring and some articles. I also introduced Kubic. I am using openSUSE in my house since openSUSE 13.1.

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Linux Foundation is publishing many reports which report open source effective.I introduce some reports for example:


This report research How DevOps enhance development and how enhanced DevOps itself.This report also reports best practice trends.

Edge Native Applications Principles Whitepaper

This report focuses on Edge Native. Now we usually use "cloud native" and we know what cloud native is. but we didn't use "Edge Native" despite it being major and important. sometimes we use it, but we didn't focus on Edge Native principles.This report compares Edge Native and Cloud Native.

Recommended Practices for Hosting and Managing Open Source Projects on GitHub

This report shows many GitHub feature that helps open-source activity.

The Open Source Opportunity for Microgrids

Microgrids are a keyword for electricity. Especially now we have climate change. open source has a very important role in Microgrids. This report explains not only how to use open source but also state in microgrids. and how open source is useful for microgrids.

I helped to publish some Japanese ver such as reviews and replacement letters. so I read some documents.I hope this talk leads audience read these reports.

2023 October 21 - 14:00
30 min
Main Track

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  1. Packaging Workshop
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    2023 October 21 13:30


  3. The load balancer based on Apache HTTP Server
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    2023 October 21 13:30