Presented by:

Anushka Jain

from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

I'm Anushka, an engineering undergrad at IIT Roorkee (batch of 2024). I’m a budding Product Designer based in India; who can ramble on about the similarities between actors and designers. In the past, I’ve worked as a product design intern at Swiggy and Razorpay. I’m also an Open Source Design contributor to the Fedora Project and an Open source enthusiast. I like having conversations around design, philosophy, women in stem, open and free technology, as well as art and its history. I aim to write a book someday!

No video of the event yet, sorry!

I'm Anushka, a past Outreachy intern with Fedora. When one of our blog prompts was "everybody struggles", I decided to pen down my struggles with being a designer in open source. During my time in college and professionally otherwise, I had never heard of designers pursuing a career in open source and felt that design didn't belong here. I still believe as a designer; it is intimidating to begin contributing to open-source. But, I also feel designers have the power to shift OSS from being developer-friendly to a user-friendly environment; the community just need a little push. Designing couldn’t be measured in 0s and 1s, as success isn’t determined by if a pull request was closed or merged. Through my talk, I want to start conversations around how open source can reward contributions in design. UX design is a mutually collaborative process where everybody feels related to any idea or implementation. Unlike merging pull requests, it is very hard for designers to get attribution for their work today. There is a huge opportunity waiting for us to make an impact by building designer-friendly OSS tools that are accessible and inclusive, and who knows, we might witness a change in this narrative.

Right now, I only have a talk prepared- but with the right direction from the community, I'm open to adding some interactive bits as well so that we conclude with a solution to the problems I raise!

2023 October 21 - 15:00
30 min
Main Track

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    2023 October 21 13:30


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