Presented by:

Estu Fardani

from Komunitas openSUSE Indonesia

I am openSUSE user from Indonesia, currently working as DevOps in Indonesian Startup. Know openSUSE since 12.1 and start using openSUSE since 42.2 release. And for now, using Tumbleweed for daily activity.

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Sometime official kernel not well compatible with our hardware. We need add somethings for enable driver and it need recompile kernel.

There not many detail documentations for recompile kernel for dummies. I spend lot of time to find and try it on my own.

People often scared when they must recompile kernel. Because afraid it will make system broken. Laptop will not run. They not yet know there are have easy step for recompile kernel.

In this session I will demo, how to recompile kernel on my laptop. I often do this because I have unusual addition hardware in my laptop. And it is need recompile openSUSE Kernel.

This session start with: - install dependencies - install kernel source - modify driver - copy default kernel flavor configuration - build kernel - install kernel - remove old kernel - clean after build - modify zypper for not automate upgrade kernel

I hope this session will help more people solve kernel problems. And more people love using opensuse.

2021 August 7 - 11:00
30 min
Room 1
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