Presented by:

Yutao Wang

from SUSE

I'm from China. I have worked at SUSE for three years. I'm QE-1 team.

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The openSUSE Linux distribution is an outstanding option for anyone looking for a powerhouse desktop or server platform. But for businesses looking for a Linux distribution with more traditional support and enterprise-level bells and whistles, openSUSE might not be the best route. However, SUSE is always looking for ways to make your path to business as smooth as possible.
One such way is making it possible to upgrade openSUSE Leap to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15. That means you can take your openSUSE Leap server that's already in production, and migrate it to the enterprise-grade SLES. Believe it or not, this process is actually quite easy, and the server won't miss a beat. Let me show you how. This training will introduce how to upgrade leap to SLE. I will introduce this from the following items: 1. Introduce the difference between Leap and Tumbleweed 2. Introduce SLE products. 3. Migration methods about the Leap to SLE 4. Procedure of migration from Leap to SLE

2021 August 7 - 11:00
30 min
Room 2

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    2021 August 7 11:00

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