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Alex Lau

from SUSE, Hackathon TW, AvengerGear

Open Source in Mind, Technology at Heart, Entrepreneur Spirit

Create Startup, Manage Enterprise Business R&D, Support Sale and Presale operation, Presentation for Product Marketing. Architect software + hardware solution. Innovate ideas for investment.

Specialties: Linux distribution, Open Source Community, Technology, Software + Hardware + Human Design

Aquarium is a SUSE-sponsored Open Source project to build an easy-to-use, rock-solid appliance wrapped around the Ceph project. The project started development in January 2021, and has become a passion project for the storage team at SUSE. The Aquarium project is split into two clearly defined work streams: Gravel (backend) and Glass (frontend). We are going to explain in detail what the internal architecture looks like in the presentation. This new storage appliance project is opinionated! It means to differ from the ceph dashboard. Users no longer needed to understand the complexity of the distribution system. Administrators don't require ceph background knowledge to operate it. No more Pool, No more PG, No more Erasure Code needs a data pool and a replication metadata pool. We are looking for storage users and administrators that are interested to give us feedback and feature request about what kind of workload are they looking for. So we can include into Aquarium. For example, I want to create a files service that could be as easy as having the name and the size ready. With one click you are ready to go.

2021 August 7 - 15:30
30 min
Room 1
Cloud and Containers

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    2021 August 7 15:30

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