Presented by:

Chenzi Cao

from SUSE

I'm Chenzi Cao, from Beijing. I've been working in SUSE for nine years. Now I'm a QA engineer.

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For a new reported bug, the reporter will choose the components in the progress of filing a new bug. When reporter select a certain component in the drop list, in most of case, bugzilla will automatically set assignee to the email address of related maintenance team, or individual bugowner. While some components are special - the assignee will set to screening-team automatically; And for old bugs, the assignee will automatically changed to screening-team when the old assignee is not available any more (leave the duty); And in some cases, old assignee will remove him/herself manually and reassign the bug to screening-team when they think they are not take charge of it. Then screening team member screen the bugs and reassign them to right assignees.
I'll talk about them in today's presentation. And also I'll show how to look for an assignee for a bug report as well as some tips when filing bugs.

2021 August 7 - 15:30
30 min
Room 2

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