Presented by:

Andi Artz

from Fedora Project (QA, Join SIG, Podcast, D&I, i3-spin, AskFedora)

32 years old, coming from Gie├čen (Hessen,Germany). Using Linux over 5 years - Fedora user; Fedora contributor; Silverblue, openSUSE TW/MicroOS "enthusiast"; Hacking skills: Python, Java, C, C++ Freelancer (tutor/teacher; IT)

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This talk will discuss about the possible benefits of using KDE education apps in Asian countries. I have chosen this topic because I am half Filipino and I know the problems in Asia.

Many countries in Asia suffer from poverty and sorrows how to reach all people to provide free education. For sure, a good infrastructure is needed to use KDE Education apps and a Linux distro. Nevertheless, many NGOs have projects sponsoring spare hardware in order to decrease the inequality.

Education is a essential right of every human and it shouldn't be depended on money! All people has the right of free education.

In this talk, I want to show how KDE education apps work on openSUSE and which apps are provided. Especially, in times of Covid19 pandemic the main issue is how to guarantee that the needy get education.

The target audience is open for all. People working in the education system should attend this talk to profit from this talk and get new inspirations.

At the end of this talk we will discuss in Q&A how this approach can solve the lack of providing and using free educational apps + Linux OS.

personal bio: name - Andi Artz country - Germany nationality - German/Filipino UTC +2

additional info: I am part of Fedora community (Fedora Join, Fedora QA, Fedora DI), GhostBSD, Mageia, openSUSE. Freelance as tutor and IT.

2021 August 8 - 16:15
30 min
Room 2
Open Source

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