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Attila Pinter

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When you say "rolling release in production" most SysOps/DevOps engineers are immediately start looking for their medication in fear. In this talk Attila explains how OpenStorage stopped to worry about rolling distros and the myth or stigma surrounding them and how they use it in production. OpenStorage harnessed the power of MicroOS with it's immutable root filesystem and out of the box features like health-checker, Gitlab CI and Podman in DevOps and GitOps workflows in a hybrid cloud setup to automate the infrastructure, updates, maintenance and deployments of their builds amid the pandemic. The talk focuses on demystifying rolling releases and how more reliable they're in production in terms of updates, update frequency and new feature availability faster. Visitors also get an insight into core MicroOS features and how it can be utilized in production to set custom maintenance windows and rely on the OS instead of Ansible playbooks or shell scrips and cron jobs to get the job done.

2021 August 8 - 16:15
30 min
Room 1

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    2021 August 8 16:15

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