by Kenji Shimono
from Netwalker Labolatory, Tokaido Linux Users Group.

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Tablet devices are too attractive mobile computer devices,they are inexpensive,
lightweight, display, touchscreen, battery and more.
But they can use iOS, Android, Windows only.No Linux Distributions on Tablet.
New generation peoples are not have to need and want to use traditional computer?
Smartphones and tablets are necessary to use openSUSE for new generation peoples.
But few peaple can use openSUSE on mobile devices.
I feel that it will become an era when it is difficult for new generation peoples to use desktop Linux.

In this session, I will talk about 「Install and use Intel ATOM Tablet,UMPC and install grub2 bootloader on openSUSE」.
I am testing the operation of Linux with a lot of mobile devices.
Recently Linux Kernel has evolved rapidly on x86 ATOM devices, Tablet, Stick PC, UMPC GPD-WIN and GPD-Pocket.
A lot of mobile devices can use openSUSE now!
Let's install openSUSE on Tablet and any mobile devices.

2017 October 21 16:00
30 min
Room 2
openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017
Linux Desktop
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