Presented by:

Masayuki Igawa

from SUSE/Novell Japan

Masayuki Igawa is a software engineer for over 15 years on a wide range of software projects, and developing open source software related to Linux kernel and virtualization. He's been an active technical contributor to OpenStack for years. He is also an OpenStack Tempest, subunit2sql, openstack-health core member in mostly Quality Assurance area. He currently works for SUSE's OpenStack Quality Engineering team to make the open source software better both side of upstream and downstream. He has previously been a speaker at OpenStack Summits, LinuxCons Japan, FOSSAsia,, OpenStack Days Tokyo, July Tech Festa, Open Source Developers Conference, SUSECon and openSUSE.Asia Summit.

The primary language of most open source projects is English, but open source users and contributors span the globe. Non-native English (English as a second language) speakers face many communication challenges when participating in the ecosystem. In this talk, as non-native English speakers and contributors to OpenStack projects (which is the one of the biggest opensource projects in the world) and its community, we will share our experiences and some best practices for coping as and including non-native speakers in your project. We are open source contributors in the OpenStack community, and based in Japan, Brazil and China, respectively, and work daily with the huge OpenStack community spread around the world. The official language in OpenStack is English which means we communicate daily as non-native speakers, overcoming all the communication challenges posed to them.

This talk will include: * Common issues for non-native English speakers * Tips for avoiding and resolving these issues * Suggestions for effective communication

2017 October 21 - 16:00
30 min
Main Room

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