by Ramon de la Fuente
from SweetlakePHP

Ramon is a company owner, developer and family man (not necessarily in that order).
He has a strong database background. With 14+ years of experience in web development,
he has seen technologies come and go - but robust design is always a must. He enjoys
the puzzle of a piece of code, and the fact that there's always more solutions to be
found for a problem.
He's also a co-founder of the SweetlakePHP user group, and an occasional writer for http://dev-human.com.

Ansible is a provisioning tool rapidly growing in popularity, mainly due to it’s simplicity. But it’s capable of more than just provisioning! In this talk, I’ll walk you through an Ansible role that can be used to deploy your projects. Those familiar with Capistrano wil recognize the method, but I’ll explain it step by step and in the end I’ll show a real-world example from a Symfony2 project: the SweetlakePHP website. (this talk assumes some knowledge of how Ansible works)

After this talk, you should be able to use the featured role to deploy your projects, as well as write your own based on the Ansible deploy_helper module.

2015 May 1 17:00
30 min
Main hall
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security