Presented by:

Oliver Neukum

from Suse

I was born in 1972 My first kernel patch was making joysticks work on ES1370 sound cards. I've been involved in the kernel since 1.2.13 I studied Computer science at the university of Munich, 2000-2006 I've been working at Suse since 2007

We like to be able to run our devices for as long as possible on battery and to pay less for electricity. For this to work device drivers need to manage the power their devices use. The kernel provides a generic model for devices and their interactions. Drivers need to implement a small number of callbacks to enable proper support for power management. There are a number of issues which should be understood in these circumstances and are described in this talk.

If a driver is supposed to support runtime power management, idle states must be detected and reported to the driver model. Several models to do so exist and are demonstrated in this talk. A few pitfalls do exist and are discussed.

Finally a glance at the future of power management is included.

2015 May 1 - 16:45
30 min
Second room
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security

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