by Antonio Larrosa
from SUSE

I'm Antonio Larrosa, from Málaga (Spain). I've been a KDE developer since 1997. Since 1998, I've been a KDE representative for Spain where I've given more than 80 talks about KDE, development and FLOSS. In 2000-2001 I worked for a year at SUSE while I was studying. In 2004 I got a degree in Mathematics at the University of Málaga. During 2003-2013 I worked as product manager and main developer of a software archiving system used in many TV networks and public administrations around the world. In 2005 I was the head organizer of the Akademy conference held at the university of Málaga. From 2007 to 2013 I was an associated professor at the same university, where I teached "Operating Systems Design". GSoC mentor three times (2011/2013 with KDE, 2016 with openSUSE). In August 2013 I joined the openSUSE team at SUSE and later moved to the SLE Desktop Team.

Mycroft is an open source virtual assistant similar to the ones provided on phones by some companies. It provides some interesting functionality, it's open source, it's easily expanded with new functionality and it's fun. During the last hackweek, I packaged it so it's easy to install on Tumbleweed and in this talk I'll try to show how it works, the changes I did to it in order to package it and maybe how to add a new skill.

2018 May 26 11:30
30 min
155 (Medium)
openSUSE Conference 2018
Desktop and Applications