I'm Antonio Larrosa, from Málaga (Spain). I've been a KDE developer since 1997. Since 1998, I've been a KDE representative for Spain where I've given more than 80 talks about KDE, development and FLOSS. In 2000-2001 I worked for a year at SUSE while I was studying. In 2004 I got a degree in Mathematics at the University of Málaga. During 2003-2013 I worked as product manager and main developer of a software archiving system used in many TV networks and public administrations around the world. In 2005 I was the head organizer of the Akademy conference held at the university of Málaga. From 2007 to 2013 I was an associated professor at the same university, where I teached "Operating Systems Design". GSoC mentor three times (2011/2013 with KDE, 2016 with openSUSE). In August 2013 I joined the openSUSE team at SUSE and later moved to the SLE Desktop Team.

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