by Adrian Schröter

Adrian works since 1999 for SUSE Linux. During this time he accted as

* KDE Desktop integration developer.
* openSUSE project manager during the launch of the project.
* Open Build Server project manager, delivering OBS for openSUSE, SUSE and partners.
* A side job was to launch the official openSUSE ARM port together with others.

No video of the event yet, sorry! Meanwhile...

Getting an overview what kinds of containers and images can be built in OBS and how to do it.

It will start with a brief talk about the different formats, the OBS specials when building containers or images. This will cover Cloud, Desktop and Server centric formats. I will also show how a fully automated chain from git commits to image and container builds (with and without packages in between) to available images and containers in registry.

You may come with an idea which kind of image or container you want to build, for example for your own application and we will built it during the workshop.

2018 May 26 10:30
1 h 30 min
349 (Workshop)
openSUSE Conference 2018
Cloud and Containers