Presented by:

Luis Falcon

from GNU Health

Luis Falcón, MD, MSc, holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the California State University (USA) and in Medicine from IUCS, Buenos Aires (Argentina). He holds a Master's degree in Genomics and Medical Genetics by the University of Granada (Spain). Dr Falcon is a social, animal rights and Libre software activist. He is the founder of GNU Solidario, a nonprofit organization that delivers Health and Education with Free Software. Dr. Falcon is the author of GNU Health, the award winning Free/Libre Health and Hospital Information System. He is a guest speaker at international conferences about Free Software, eHealth and Social Medicine.

GNU Health is a social project that provides a community-based, Free/Libre Health and Hospital Information System deployed in many countries around the globe. GNU Health combines Social Medicine and Primary healthcare principles with state of the art advances in bioinformatics and precision medicine, delivering a valuable framework for governments and Public Health institutions, as well as for academic and research organizations.

In this presentation we will go through some of the existing and upcoming technologies behind GNU Health and their use in different scenarios. The GNU Health Federation to integrate large, heterogeneous health and research networks; The integration with OpenStreetMaps and the mobile application will be some of the topics.

Finally, we will present the GNU Health embedded project, a joint effort with OpenSUSE, to use GNU Health in single-board devices such as the Raspberry Pi. We will go through the many benefits that this project brings to communities around the world, delivering Freedom and Equity in Healthcare, which is our ultimate goal.

2018 May 26 - 10:45
45 min
105 (Main)
Open Source

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