by jsevans
from Suse

I'm a tech support engineer and open-source enthusiast at Suse in CZ. I'm an American expat in Europe and I like Ham Radio, Photography, and being a Nerd.

In a way, both Docker and Tor are shrouded in mystery. Containers have been the biggest thing in the IT field in the past few years and yet a lot of people don't know what they are good for. Why not just use a VM? Likewise, Tor is known only for the negative uses and connotations such as "The Dark Web" and "The Deep Web" meanwhile not many people know about the actual positives of the technology when it comes to secure communication and privacy.

My presentation would be a short primer on both of these technologies followed by a 15-minute demonstration on how to create a Wordpress website, MariaDB Database, and Tor entry point with Docker on OpenSUSE Leap 15 that can be recreated on any hardware or VM even without an external IP and accessed anywhere in the world using the Tor Browser. There should also be time to take Q&A at the end.

My docker-compose files, notes, and presentation will then be available on GitHub.

2018 May 25 13:00
45 min
105 (Main)
openSUSE Conference 2018
Cloud and Containers