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Ana started at openSUSE as a Google Summer of Code student. She studied Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics at university and just after finishing she started working at SUSE in the OBS frontend team. She contributes to several open source projects inside and outside openSUSE.

When she is not hacking you may find her painting, cooking or learning some German.

Open Build Service frontend was started in 2005, even before the first version of Rails was released.It is most likely one of the oldest Rails Project that people still keep using! That implies that legacy code and refactoring are two daily topics in all OBS developers’ lives.

As said, OBS has already some years and because of that all kind of talks about it have been held: how to use it, its features, how will it look like in the features, statistic,... but nobody has ever spoken about how it is working in such a code. I will speak about how it was facing some OBS frontend code, what kind of code got refactored and what I learned while doing it.

2018 May 25 - 13:00
30 min
107 (Small)
Open Source

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