by Marco Varlese

Marco Varlese is a software engineer at SUSE working on networking technologies focused on NFV. He is a committer for the FD.io/VPP (https://fd.io/) project, author and maintainer of the GENEVE tunnel and SCTP protocol stack implementations. He is co-maintainer for the openSUSE DPDK, VPP and ODP package.
Prior to his current role, Marco was a software architect at Intel where he focused on networking technologies, hardware acceleration for NFV workloads and IoT.

Performance testing is very important in various different deployments and scenarios however in the NFV (Network Function Virtualization) it is even more meaningful. With a growing umbrella of projects and hence infrastructure NFV and SDN represent a very complex environment to test and, as a result, to give the correct interpretation to figures gathered through performance testing. Is my result good or bad? And how much better could it be and why? These are just few of the questions which people involved in performance testing ask themselves regularly. The OPNFV community is focused on creating a framework (made of multiple projects) which can help with performance gathering but not yet with analytics.
This talk will provide an insight on performance testing for NFV, the state-of-the-art in the OPNFV community and a short demo running on an openSUSE distribution.

2017 May 27 14:15
1 h
Saal (Main Hall)
openSUSE Conference 2017
Open Source
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