Presented by:

Emiel Brok

from SUSE, Linux User Group, openSUSE, Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

Since more than 10 years I am promoter Linux and (F)OSS. I am not a techie, my expertise lays in partner-management, marketing and sales. I started my OSS career at a Linux specialized training company in The Netherlands. During that period I co-founded LPI Netherlands. Currently as Manager Training at SUSE I am responsible for bringing SUSE training to the market in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). In other words if a IT-pro is looking for quality SUSE training he or she should easily find it at a fair price. Bringing SUSE/Linux/FOSS to the IT curriculum of public schools has always been my mission. It is a long term investment but it will influence the future heavily!

The new SUSE Academic Program explained! As a leading open source company, SUSE supports schools, higher learning institutions and the academic community in getting free access to our extensive experience and knowledge. Many IT-students still get trained in software stacks that are not the highest in demand by the labor market. In many cases IT-infrastructure classes are still dominated by proprietary software, but the dominating IT-infrastructure "in real life" nowadays is open source technology. As SUSE delivers enterprise open source technology many schools have asked SUSE to come with a academic program now we are able to explain you most bits and bites of how we believe we can color schools and students green!

2017 May 27 - 15:00
1 h

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