by Joschi Kuphal
from tollwerk GmbH, Open Device Lab Nürnberg, CoderDojo Nürnberg, Nürnberg Web Week

Joschi Kuphal is a web architect and founder / CEO of the Nuremberg based web and advertisement agency tollwerk (https://tollwerk.de). Together with his team he's focusing on complex TYPO3 web projects, multi-device development, web performance and accessibility matters. He runs the Open Device Lab Nuremberg (http://odl-nbg.de), several community events like the CoderDojo Nürnberg (https://coderdojo-nbg.org) and the Accessibility Club (http://a11y.club) and is one of the main initiators of the Nuremberg Web Week (http://nueww). On his personal site (https://jkphl.is) he's an IndieWeb enthusiast and author of several open source tools (http://github.com/jkphl). Catch him best on Twitter @jkphl!

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The importance of owning your data on the web is getting more awareness. To grow it and help people gettings started, we're meeting for an all day IndieWeb gathering packed with brainstorming, working, teaching, helping and hacking on your own site. There will be an introductory talk describing the most basic IndieWeb techniques. It's the perfect chance to both become acquainted with the IndieWeb and implement some of the IndieWeb features on your own website in one go. We'll start the IndieWeb Hack Day with a ~40 minute introductory talk to quickly onboard all those who have never heard of the IndieWeb movement. Then, until early afternoon, there will be barcamp-like sessions to further introduce and discuss some of the IndieWeb technologies. Finally, a couple of hours are spent on hacking and immediately implementing some of these ideas into your own website — or even start it from scratch if you don't have one already. So don't forget to bring your own laptop!

2016 June 22 10:00
10 h
Seminarraum 1
openSUSE Conference 2016
IndieWeb Hack-Day