The openSUSE Conference 2015 will bring together a wide variety of Free & Open Source contributors to collaborate on one of the major Linux distribution projects.


osc15 has the most awesome program ever! See rock-star speakers cover the topics of

Business and Outcome track

This track will be about running an open source driven business and how to drive open source into a more competitive position.

Project & OSS Leadership

This track will be about our projects infrastructure, which includes communication mechanisms, project leadership, etc. Topics include, but are not limited to Wikis, Forums, Mailing Lists, Github, and Open Build Service.

Community, collaboration and Cooperation

This track will be about our Project. Topics include, but are not limited to Governance, Teams, Marketing and Events.

Development, Technology & Security

This track will be about software development, security and technology in General

Kolab Summit

The openSUSE Conference will coincide with the Kolab Summit giving you even more interesting talks to attend and people to meet!

LPI Exams

On Friday at 1330h the Linux Professional Institute will take LPI exams. Register here for your exam

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Secure Deployment Changes Coming in MySQL 5.7

Securing your installations is becoming increasingly important in this day and age. Specially in the light of the recent major security flaws announced.
The MySQL server is an integral part of site's attack surface. And we all know that your defences are as good as the weakest link into them.
Securing your database server is as imporant as securing the other parts of your infrastrcuture. Specially with the powerful features that MySQL offers to app developers lately.
The database server...

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YaST the Ruby Way

In this presentation targeted to developers in general, Josef Reidinger will show how the YaST source code has evolved from autogenerated YCP-based code to common Ruby that can be understood and improved by any Ruby developer. He will also demonstrate the new tools and possibilities that Ruby has brought to YaST and how these tools are used to ensure that the source code quality improves with every commit. The presentation includes some before-after pictures for everybody to appreciate how...

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Where to stay in Den Haag

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Van der Valk Hotel Den Haag - Nootdorp

The Hotel is a 1- 10 minute drive from Westvliet.

  • Double rooms with breakfast at EUR 105 per night
  • Single rooms with breakfast at EUR 95 per night
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Sleepover at one of the sport halls of the venue. For 12.50€ you get a bed, blanket and access to a shower. You can reserve your place during our registration process. This offer is limited to 50 people, first come first served so be quick about it!


For those looking for more privacy and still a more affordable option than the Van der Valk Hotel the Hostels in the area may offer a great place for your accommodation needs.


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