Presented by:

Georgi Kodinov

from Oracle

Georgi "Joro" Kodinov has been working on MySQL development since 2006. He's currently leading the MySQL server security development team. Joro has a background in banking IT and a strong interest in security in general.

Securing your installations is becoming increasingly important in this day and age. Specially in the light of the recent major security flaws announced. The MySQL server is an integral part of site's attack surface. And we all know that your defences are as good as the weakest link into them. Securing your database server is as imporant as securing the other parts of your infrastrcuture. Specially with the powerful features that MySQL offers to app developers lately. The database server is becoming more and more interesting to attackers and vulnerability scanner authors.

Thus we, the MySQL team, have done a lot to improve server's security in our development branch.

In this talk will go through an overview of the recent trends in securely deploying a MySQL server. Then we will examine the new 5.7 developments that facilitate more secure MySQL installations by default. For each new development we will outline the problem being solved, the solution proposed and how does it fit into the general vision of MySQL server security. We will also examine the changes done to the RPM packages, the directory layout and the permissions of the files installed. We will compare this with the 5.6 installation and examine how it can be fixed in it too.

2015 May 3 - 14:30
30 min
Main hall
openSUSE Conference
Development, Technology & Security

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