I have been working for ages in the ICT world. My area of expertise? Well, I know a lot about Linux and Open Source software! Maybe that is a bold statement, but after writing 7 books on the subject and more than 15 years of experience I think I am allowed to say this..

I have written the following books (allmost all in Dutch though):

LibrePlan, the missing manual Open IT voor managers Linux in het bedrijf Open Source binnen bedrijf en overheid LPI level 1 studieboeken (101 en 102) LPI level 2 studieboeken (201 en 202)

The following list of items are things that came onto my path:

Co-initiator and former-chairman of the T-DOSE foundation wich organised an Open Source conference every year. Volunteer firefighter in the townships of Culemborg

Jeroen Baten presents 1 Event: