Kostas Koudaras (a.k.a Warlordfff) is an active part of the openSUSE community since 2010. He is a part of the openSUSE board and part of the openSUSE marketing team. Along with Izabel Valverde created and was until recently in charge of the openSUSE Travel Support Program. He left TSP as he was elected as a board member this year. One of the founders of the Greek openSUSE community (also known as Greekos), maybe the most active local openSUSE community. One of the openSUSE conference 2013 organizers along with Stella Rouzi and Henne Vogelsang. He loves his fiance and his dog. He is trying to make packages with OBS and those days he is building a RepRap Prusa i3 3D printer and set up his aquarioum.

Kostas Koudaras (a.k.a Warlordfff) presents 2 Events: