Long time hacker from UEC. Contributions started by internationalization of GNU Emacs in 90's, Linux PLIP driver and its network protocol stack. As an individual (no contract, no NDA against semiconductor companies), I worked to open up the field of Free Software for Japanese embedded processors (Hitachi's SuperH, and Mitsubishi's M32R) in 2000's. It included the definition of ABI for shared object, porting GNU Toolchain, porting Linux kernel, and preparation for distribution. As an councilor of IPA, Japan, I promoted the developments of Free Software in Japan, getting budgets from Japanese government, in 2000's. Founding board member of Free Software Initiative of Japan, and currently its chairman. Since 2005, I am a Debian Developer. Since 2010, I am working for Gnuk Token. In 2011, I joined GnuPG Project. Founding member of GnuPG e.V. Since 2012, I work as Japanese translation coordinator of the web site of GNU Project: www.gnu.org.

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