Since 2014 Michael Kromer is enthusiastically responsible for the technical architecture of Zarafa as „Vice President Products & Architecure“. Combining user experience and the technical characteristics performance, compatibility and scalability define his daily primary focus. After years in the US military industry as acting CTO until 2008, he switched his activities to serve various leading DAX-listed companies in automotive and banking industry as an IT architect. With his change 2012 to Zarafa as head of professional services in the DACH region, he was responsible for the technical key customer and partner relationships for almost 2 years, before he promoted to take on the technical architecture of Zarafa. As a regular author for various magazines, co-inventor of a storage-patent and various open source contributions Michael Kromer still remains at heart a passionate yet (mostly) socially acceptable IT nerd.

Michael Kromer presents 2 Events: