Presented by:

Alex Lau

from SUSE, Hackathon TW, AvengerGear

Open Source in Mind, Technology at Heart, Entrepreneur Spirit

Create Startup, Manage Enterprise Business R&D, Support Sale and Presale operation, Presentation for Product Marketing. Architect software + hardware solution. Innovate ideas for investment.

Specialties: Linux distribution, Open Source Community, Technology, Software + Hardware + Human Design

If you never heard of openATTIC before, please spend a little time to talk a look at the above video to understand openATTIC.

openATTIC is the webUI for managing ceph storage in SUSE Linux and it is also accepted upstream as part of the default managing UI. Within openATTIC, it contains lots of different projects to provide all the functions including salt, Grafana and Prometheus.

This will not be a ceph or openATTIC focus talk, even we use it as the example of showing how everything work together. Instead we will look into openATTIC to see how each project work with each other. Mainly focus on Grafana and Prometheus, they are not only very useful for ceph and openATTIC but also equally powerful for monitoring your clusters, vm or cloud / container status.

Both Grafana and Prometheus are very easy to extend, which allow user or administrator to build the dashboard which fit their own need. Even the presentation example will be base on ceph / storage. Participants can use the same idea to monitor any system status they wanted after understand how they work.

2018 August 12 - 13:00
30 min
Conference Room #201