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I'm Sunny from Beijing, and I'm working on SLED and Preload testing as SUSE QA manager. I'm looking forward to this openSUSE conference, meeting some genius from openSUSE community, learning new ideas and technologies. Meanwhile, I would like to talk with guys about how they hold openSUSE activities in their countries, then practice it in Beijing, even in China in the future.

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openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 is the 5th Asia summit, when I looked back the way we took to get here, there were lots of impressive memories. I would take this oppertunity to open Photo album of openSUSE.Asia Summit and share with you all about our stories (How did we start? where the idea came from? How was the first openSUSE.Asia summit in Beijing? Where did openSUSE.Asia summit have journey in the past few years (Beijing, Taipei, Indonesia, Japan, Taipei)? How did Asia committee work? How did our volunteers corporate? What's our traditional activity? ) Might you are in our stories, and might you will be in our stories. I will also introduce our process of call for host, call for logo design, call for paper and call for volunteer, so that people can better know how do they get involve in. This is no possible to make openSUSE.Asia summit happen by just one people, so with you, we are openSUSE.Asia summit.

2018 August 12 - 10:45
15 min
Conference Room #201

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    2018 August 12 10:45

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