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openSUSE Taiwan openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee. openSUSE.Asia Summit 2015 Taipei Committee Chair.

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The Open Build Service (OBS) is a generic system to build and distribute binary packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way. You can release packages as well as updates, add-ons, appliances and entire distributions for a wide range of operating systems and hardware architectures.

Open Build Service Create and Distribute Software Packages for all the Major Linux Distribution s with all the Tools to Work Together Comprehensive A generic system to build and distribute packages from sources in an automatic consistent and reproducible way. Release your software for a wide range of operating system and hardware architectures. Collaborative Provides all the tools to work collaboratively and harness the power of the open source development model. Set fine grained access rights, branch code, send merge requests and review submissions.

OBS is For Users For Packagers For Free Software Projects and Independent Software Vendors

This Open Build Service (OBS) talk will base on 1. What can the Open Build Service do? 2. How to use OBS to create your own rpm/packages 3. How to co-work with OBS 4. Use Git and OBS for developers 5. How can you build containers with OBS? - Introduction of OBS Container Registry.

2018 August 12 - 13:30
30 min
Conference Room #201

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    2018 August 12 13:30

    Conference Room #304