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Joey Lee is a Linux engineer from SUSE Labs. His working areas are ACPI driver, Hibernate, UEFI.

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The EFI boot services variable can only be accessed by signed EFI execution when secure boot is enabled by user. We can use the mechanism to store a random number in boot services variable as a root key. The root key can be sused to encrypt and authenticate other keys in key retention service in Linux kernel. It can be a new key type.

This talk introduces the EFI key: - EFI key: - A new master key type to key retention service. - It can be a new option beyond trusted key(TPM) and user key. - ERK (EFI Root Key) - EFI stub generates a random key and stores in EFI boot services variable. - The ERK is secure when secure boot enabled. - User must aware and enable secure boot by themself if they want. - ERK can be a secret to encrypt a random number for generate a EFI key - The EFI key can be used by hibernation encryption/authentication. - The EFI key can be a master key to generate a encrypted key for EVM. - Rescue mechanism for ERK.

2018 August 11 - 11:30
30 min
Conference Room #201

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