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Ana started at openSUSE as a Google Summer of Code student. She studied Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics at university and just after finishing she started working at SUSE in the OBS frontend team. She contributes to several open source projects inside and outside openSUSE.

When she is not hacking you may find her painting, cooking or learning some German.

Are you new to the open source community? Or you are not even sure if it could be something for you? I will tell you how I started as an open source contributor and what from my experience makes open source and openSUSE such as interesting option.

I will provide some tips to give your first steps in the open source world. In this line, I will speak about mentoring programs, focusing on GSoC (Google Summer of Code), in which openSUSE participates and in which I personally have participated as a student, mentor and organisation admin. I will explain what this program is about and why it is important for openSUSE. I will show projects from last years and for everybody interested in participating I will cover who can apply and how to do so. Last but not least, I'll present examples of ideal projects to start contributing to, both inside and outside openSUSE.

2018 August 11 - 10:00
30 min
Conference Room #201

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    2018 August 11 10:00

    Conference Room #304