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M. Edwin Zakaria

from openSUSE, openSUSE Indonesia

openSUSE user from Indonesia, Co-admin of Indonesian openSUSE Community website ( and community repository ( I'm happy that openSUSE Indonesia Community still alive and well with around 4000 facebook group register members.

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openSUSE Indonesia community is a bunch of people who love openSUSE in Indonesia, a tropical archipelagic country. Since establish in 2007, we experience up and down era which is normal in loose hierarchical organization ;-) People come and go, but there always someone who willing to maintain and continue the breath of this community. So we have to maintain the good spirit to keep us alive and fun :-)

In the earlier year we always do a monthly or bi-monthly offline meeting, at that time the internet connection still not massive like it is right now. It was important to meet in person to maintain the cohesiveness of the community. While it was good, but that offline meeting only effective in certain area mainly in Jakarta metropolitan area. Right now, the communication means using internet connection, like website, facebook and telegram are more effective. Off course we still do offline meeting/class but not as many as the earlier year.

As of May 2018, our facebook group have around 4200 member and around 1100 member are active user. Telegram group member are around 370 as of May 2018. Our web site is accessed around 51 hits per day.

This is about openSUSE community progress in our country and examining it in the last 3 years, we're on the right track. I would love to share the experience promoting openSUSE and also want to hear other community experience in other Asian countries.

2018 August 12 - 11:30
30 min
Conference Room #201

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    2018 August 12 11:30

    Conference Room #304