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Didiet A. Pambudiono

from openSUSE Indonesia, Kelompok Linux Arek Suroboyo

Hi, my name is Didiet A. Pambudiono, I'm openSUSE user, I used to work as an Infrastructure Engineer on a mobile messenger in Surabaya, as an Operations Engineer in a growing bootstrap company, and now I work as DevOps Engineer on a company in Bandung.

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In deploying the server, especially in large quantities, it takes a long time, because the deployment must be done on each server one by one, deployment must also be done in detail so that each server is identical to each other in a group. If this is done then there is the possibility of one or more of the servers not being identical to the other servers in a group. So we need a tool to simplify the work, and then we use Ansible to do more deployment in the future. What is Ansible? Ansible is an open-source IT automation engine which can remove drudgery from your work life, and will also dramatically improve the scalability, consistency, and reliability of your IT environment. We use ansible to deploy web servers, database servers with galera clusters, and session storage servers with master-slave mode. With the use of this tool can reduce the time required in deployment servers, and unidentical server in a group can be avoided

2018 August 12 - 11:00
30 min
Conference Room #304

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    2018 August 12 11:00

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