Presented by:

Fuminobu Takeyama

from Japan openSUSE User Group

A package maintainer of the openSUSE M17N project since 2011. Developing packages related to input methods (e.g., IBus and Mozc) and Japanese fonts. As a member of Japan openSUSE User Group, organizing meetups, having seminars at OSS events, and publishing Geeko Magazine. openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee (2014-). openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo Committee Chair.

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"openSUSE is over 12 years old, but since that time we've changed a lot. For established openSUSE users this session will be a bit of a trip down memory lane and a change to reflect on some of the ways that make openSUSE special and different from any other Free & Open Source Software project. For a someone new to openSUSE it will be a chance to learn about what makes us unique, interesting, and give an introduction as to how you too could join the openSUSE Project and help make our next 12 years as interesting as our last 12 were".

2017 October 21 - 10:30
30 min
Main Room