Presented by:

Kento Kawakami

from Japan openSUSE User Group

I am Kawakami Kento (in Japanese 川上けんと).

I am a member of the openSUSE Japan User Group and hold and join local events.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

The lightning talk is 5 minutes long, and we will shut down your speech as soon as it exceeds 5 minutes.

Lightning Talks is as follows: - (English)How and why we have integrated ubuntu-kr's Slack & IRC by Youngbin Han - Build cross-platform VR experience in 5 minutes. by CHAO Po-chiang - Become a TDF member by Franklin Weng - Do you like docker-only world? An introduction of alternative container flamework LXC/LXD for openSUSE. by Teruhiko Okada

2017 October 21 - 18:00
30 min
Main Room